Monday, 29 August 2011

South African Photography

I am a South African. That is a statement I’m proud to make and have decided to flavour this week’s blog in “South African photography”. Thinking this was a simple task was an underestimation by measurable doubt. My country being so full of culture makes it hard to classy a specific style as “South African”. So instead I’ve decided to display 3 different styles of photography, by 3 talented South African photographers. 
Zanele Muholi is a documentary photographer who bases her work on gender and sexual violence in South Africa. “Mapping and archiving a visual history of black lesbians in post-apartheid South Africa” is how Zanele herself describes her art works.
The photographs bellow, by Zanele, is bold and undoubtedly intriguing. They are there to document and inform others about the issues she and other black South African women are faced faced with.

Marijke Willems is a fashion photographer and artist. Marijke’s roots in photography began to grow and flourish in South Africa and although she has since moved on there is still a sense of her vibrantly South African nature in her photo shoots.
In Marijke’s words she explains that her mission is: "to treat fashion as art and therefore I love to shoot fashion in a way that I can create a concept around it. My mission includes emphasizing the love and the passion I have for photography and fashion. See and reveal it in a different way that will inspire and seek attention by extremes."

My Final Photographer is Sean Mcleod. Although there is little information on this photographer his photographs speak for themselves. The photographs bellow are taken from his album “Afrika Burns 2011”, The photographs were taken at a festival in the Karoo. It is evident in these photographs that Sean’s series is filled with creative fun. His style for the series depicts one of timeless festivities displayed in vibrant colours.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

An introduction to My Fishbowl

I’m a young and vibrant student swimming in an inspired world of design and culture. The intention of my blog is to share inspirational pop with other young, creative individuals.
Popular Culture, often referred to as pop culture, forms the basis of this blog. By definition Pop culture is a noun, defining cultural activities or commercial products reflecting, suited to, or aimed at the tastes of the general masses of people.
The title, My Fishbowl, was formulated to allow you to dive into the tastes and stimulations of my life. Later, research led me to the term  "fish bowl conversation," which is used to describe a conversation among a large group of people. I'd like for my blog to become an interactive space for fellow “fish” to post and share little pieces of their inspiring fishbowls.
My Fishbowl will be updated every Wednesday following specified themes each week. As this is my introductory blog I’ve decided to guide you (by links found bellow) into the world of pop culture and what is to be expected within My Fishbowl.