Friday, 14 October 2011

A Beating Summer

So summer has arrived in all its glorious beauty and what better way to celebrate summer than in the warm beats of musical festivities. This year October, also known has rock-October, has brought a line-up of music festivals to die for. Trying to decide between them or raising enough money for all of them is nothing shy of a daunting nightmare. My dearest friends and I wrangled through the various choices and finally decided to splurge into the world of the Rocking the Daisies music festival. The festival planted a seed of excitement within all of us and before we knew it the weekend had blossomed and wilted away before our very eyes.
Being my first music festival venture I learnt a lot about the necessary items to pack and those redundant articles that could be left at home. So yes, I’ve decided to share some of my packing tips with you so you may enjoy any festival in up most comfort. Travelling from Port Elizabeth to Darling, located just outside of Cape Town, a GPS or map of some form is vitally important as the road will disorganise itself and you will get lost. Rocking the
Daisies is a sustainable festival which means no cars are allowed within the camping grounds, so be prepared to struggle under those “necessary” items you just had to bring. The bigger your tent the better, there’s never enough space for that adopted stray that needs a bed. In saying this make sure you have a professional tent builder around as it’s definitely never as easy as it looks. As we all live in a modern society the ground just isn’t good enough. Therefore don’t forget your blow up mattress, a pump and some muscles to blow it up. It makes the cramped, sardine like living slightly more bearable. To complete your weekend abode a light, although considered a luxury, is extremely useful.

When it comes to clothing keep it simple.  The days are unbearably hot while the nights are below freezing so keep outfits for both in mind. My friends and I had Rocking the Daisies T-shirts made and as nerdy as it sounds they were a hit. As your days are spent around the dam do not forget your costumes and a sarong you can wet and wear on the heated dance floor is never a bad idea.

The heat during the day can be a mood killer as there is little escape from it. To keep everyone happy don’t forget your water bottles and funky looking umbrellas they will become your fun little accessory not to mention your distinction from the crowd.

Finally I have a few extra items often forgotten in the back of your mind. Extra camera batteries, you can never have enough photos. Extra money, the queues for the ATM’s are nothing but a waste of time. Money for food, cooking is an effort. Open-mindedness, there are some strange individuals that attend these festivities. Water-less hand wash, a port-a-loo IS NOT YOUR FRIEND. Lastly your stamina, you don’t want to miss out on those memorable moments.

Friday, 23 September 2011


I’ve recently been described as having the imagination of a stoner. Not in the sense that I smoke a lot of weed, I don’t, but in the sense that I can come up with some pretty interesting concepts. From an early age I was boggling my families’ brains with questions ranging from, how do giraffes sleep? Right through to whether or not a tongue warmer was a good idea through an icy winter. This description got me onto thinking about how exactly our brains work and where the innovations they produce emerge from.
A brain by definition is an organ of soft nervous tissue contained in the skull of vertebrates, functioning as the coordinating centre of sensation and intellectual and nervous activity. It is filled with potential greatness if used to its full extent. Through my intrigued research I came across the concept of left and right brain thinkers. A left brain thinker is rational, sequential and draws on previously accumulated, organized information. A right brain thinker is intuitive, simultaneous and Draws on unbounded qualitative patterns that are not organized into sequences, but that cluster around images.

Most of the extraordinary innovators throughout time are the desired few that are both left and right brain thinkers. They have the ability to come up with new and creative ideas with the logical understanding to make them work. Mitchell Joachim is an example of an innovator of ecological design and urban design. Some of his innovations include:

This innovation was created through the ideals of sustainable architecture. His idea is that one day we won’t need to build shelters anymore as we will be able to grow them from organic materials.

This car is designed to intellectually drive around town in an ecological manner.
These are just two innovations by this extraordinary innovator to leave you in awe, but some of his other innovations include: Rapid Re(f)use, Urbaneering Brooklyn: City of the Future, SOFT Lamb Car, Green Brain: Smart Park for a New City, New York 2106: Self-Sufficient City and Jetpack Packing and Blimp Bumper Bus.

Friday, 16 September 2011


In rebellious youth there comes a time where a decision needs to be made. Not about the clothes we wear or the ridiculous haircuts we admire. Not about the trends we follow or the crew we hang out with. Not about our stance on the world or our political views, but rather about whether permanently branding our bodies, is as good of an idea as we currently perceive. I am presently one of these rebellious youths. So, yes, Tattoos are the branding topic of this week’s blog. 
Upon first thought there doesn’t seem to be much to getting a tattoo. All I have to do is pick a picture I like, book an appointment and tada, one hard core tattoo on one hard core rebellion. So that’s what I did, or rather what I attempted to do. My researches nature took over and before I knew it I was drowning in the possibilities of design after design. Confusion had sprung to say the least. If picking a design wasn’t hard enough your guilty conscience sneaks up on you in the form of your mother’s voice. Her wise words echo in your mind almost asserting that this is a bad idea.
I was at the verge of running away from this “ludicrous” notion when I found the beauty within it. Like, did you know that tattoos have been around for centuries and that they are completely universal?  "I shall now mention the way they mark themselves indelibly, each of them is so marked by their humor or disposition".This was recorded in 1769 by a naturalist and is the first written record of tattoos. This Statement was written in reference to a Māori man who is now seen as a historical piece of art.

Tattoos are a part of our history. They set us as humans apart as individuals. They are works of art. They are a creation of our imagination and most importantly they are a form of self-expression. The images below are a visual explanation of tattoos throughout history and culture.

During my tattooed discovery I’ve formed an opinion that tattoos are a personal from of self-expression. My advice for any fellow rebellions is to: Research all the facts before hand, know what you want and where you want it, get a tattoo for yourself not anyone else and most importantly indulge in your self-expression.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Musical Melodies  this website is my new found treasure. It is a website aimed at pleasing the worlds’ musical needs and loves. Once logged onto the site you may pick a genre of music most appealing to your needs and within seconds have your ears filled with the sweet melodies of undiscovered voices.  The beauty of this website is that most of the lyrical geniuses are unheard of or unlikely to come across in your daily routine.  Personally, I am an Indie Rock fan and have listened to countless remarkable playlists. This post will take you on an adventurous musical  quest into the voices of Voxtrot and Wilco both of whom I stumbled upon while listening to an Indie Rock playlist on Jango.
Voxtrot is an indie pop band from America. Their quirky band produces music that is lively, vibrant and happy. The perfect type of music to sing in the shower, bounce around with friends and most definitely dance along to like no one is watching. The start of something is a song by Voxtrot definitely worth listening to so I’ve included a link for your enjoyment.
“She fell in love”- quoted from the song She fell in love with the drummer by Wilco, describes exactly what happened the first time I heard this alternate rock band. They may not be as cheerful as Voxtrot but this band is definitely soulful. The lead singer, Jeff Tweedy, has an angel-like voice that could leave any girl weak at the knees. They have a cool and calm vibe perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Hope you enjoy the musical delights.

Monday, 29 August 2011

South African Photography

I am a South African. That is a statement I’m proud to make and have decided to flavour this week’s blog in “South African photography”. Thinking this was a simple task was an underestimation by measurable doubt. My country being so full of culture makes it hard to classy a specific style as “South African”. So instead I’ve decided to display 3 different styles of photography, by 3 talented South African photographers. 
Zanele Muholi is a documentary photographer who bases her work on gender and sexual violence in South Africa. “Mapping and archiving a visual history of black lesbians in post-apartheid South Africa” is how Zanele herself describes her art works.
The photographs bellow, by Zanele, is bold and undoubtedly intriguing. They are there to document and inform others about the issues she and other black South African women are faced faced with.

Marijke Willems is a fashion photographer and artist. Marijke’s roots in photography began to grow and flourish in South Africa and although she has since moved on there is still a sense of her vibrantly South African nature in her photo shoots.
In Marijke’s words she explains that her mission is: "to treat fashion as art and therefore I love to shoot fashion in a way that I can create a concept around it. My mission includes emphasizing the love and the passion I have for photography and fashion. See and reveal it in a different way that will inspire and seek attention by extremes."

My Final Photographer is Sean Mcleod. Although there is little information on this photographer his photographs speak for themselves. The photographs bellow are taken from his album “Afrika Burns 2011”, The photographs were taken at a festival in the Karoo. It is evident in these photographs that Sean’s series is filled with creative fun. His style for the series depicts one of timeless festivities displayed in vibrant colours.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

An introduction to My Fishbowl

I’m a young and vibrant student swimming in an inspired world of design and culture. The intention of my blog is to share inspirational pop with other young, creative individuals.
Popular Culture, often referred to as pop culture, forms the basis of this blog. By definition Pop culture is a noun, defining cultural activities or commercial products reflecting, suited to, or aimed at the tastes of the general masses of people.
The title, My Fishbowl, was formulated to allow you to dive into the tastes and stimulations of my life. Later, research led me to the term  "fish bowl conversation," which is used to describe a conversation among a large group of people. I'd like for my blog to become an interactive space for fellow “fish” to post and share little pieces of their inspiring fishbowls.
My Fishbowl will be updated every Wednesday following specified themes each week. As this is my introductory blog I’ve decided to guide you (by links found bellow) into the world of pop culture and what is to be expected within My Fishbowl.