Friday, 14 October 2011

A Beating Summer

So summer has arrived in all its glorious beauty and what better way to celebrate summer than in the warm beats of musical festivities. This year October, also known has rock-October, has brought a line-up of music festivals to die for. Trying to decide between them or raising enough money for all of them is nothing shy of a daunting nightmare. My dearest friends and I wrangled through the various choices and finally decided to splurge into the world of the Rocking the Daisies music festival. The festival planted a seed of excitement within all of us and before we knew it the weekend had blossomed and wilted away before our very eyes.
Being my first music festival venture I learnt a lot about the necessary items to pack and those redundant articles that could be left at home. So yes, I’ve decided to share some of my packing tips with you so you may enjoy any festival in up most comfort. Travelling from Port Elizabeth to Darling, located just outside of Cape Town, a GPS or map of some form is vitally important as the road will disorganise itself and you will get lost. Rocking the
Daisies is a sustainable festival which means no cars are allowed within the camping grounds, so be prepared to struggle under those “necessary” items you just had to bring. The bigger your tent the better, there’s never enough space for that adopted stray that needs a bed. In saying this make sure you have a professional tent builder around as it’s definitely never as easy as it looks. As we all live in a modern society the ground just isn’t good enough. Therefore don’t forget your blow up mattress, a pump and some muscles to blow it up. It makes the cramped, sardine like living slightly more bearable. To complete your weekend abode a light, although considered a luxury, is extremely useful.

When it comes to clothing keep it simple.  The days are unbearably hot while the nights are below freezing so keep outfits for both in mind. My friends and I had Rocking the Daisies T-shirts made and as nerdy as it sounds they were a hit. As your days are spent around the dam do not forget your costumes and a sarong you can wet and wear on the heated dance floor is never a bad idea.

The heat during the day can be a mood killer as there is little escape from it. To keep everyone happy don’t forget your water bottles and funky looking umbrellas they will become your fun little accessory not to mention your distinction from the crowd.

Finally I have a few extra items often forgotten in the back of your mind. Extra camera batteries, you can never have enough photos. Extra money, the queues for the ATM’s are nothing but a waste of time. Money for food, cooking is an effort. Open-mindedness, there are some strange individuals that attend these festivities. Water-less hand wash, a port-a-loo IS NOT YOUR FRIEND. Lastly your stamina, you don’t want to miss out on those memorable moments.