Sunday, 11 September 2011

Musical Melodies  this website is my new found treasure. It is a website aimed at pleasing the worlds’ musical needs and loves. Once logged onto the site you may pick a genre of music most appealing to your needs and within seconds have your ears filled with the sweet melodies of undiscovered voices.  The beauty of this website is that most of the lyrical geniuses are unheard of or unlikely to come across in your daily routine.  Personally, I am an Indie Rock fan and have listened to countless remarkable playlists. This post will take you on an adventurous musical  quest into the voices of Voxtrot and Wilco both of whom I stumbled upon while listening to an Indie Rock playlist on Jango.
Voxtrot is an indie pop band from America. Their quirky band produces music that is lively, vibrant and happy. The perfect type of music to sing in the shower, bounce around with friends and most definitely dance along to like no one is watching. The start of something is a song by Voxtrot definitely worth listening to so I’ve included a link for your enjoyment.
“She fell in love”- quoted from the song She fell in love with the drummer by Wilco, describes exactly what happened the first time I heard this alternate rock band. They may not be as cheerful as Voxtrot but this band is definitely soulful. The lead singer, Jeff Tweedy, has an angel-like voice that could leave any girl weak at the knees. They have a cool and calm vibe perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Hope you enjoy the musical delights.